Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick


3 star

Fallen Angels, High School, Relationships, First Love, Suspense

Nora has a new, disturbing, and attractive lab partner named Patch: after several frightening and lust-filled weeks, she discovers that he is a fallen angel.  A complicated backstory of scars, wings, and Nephilim unfolds rather quickly towards the end. The story would have flowed better if Nora had figured out that Patch is an angel much earlier: it would have allowed for more tension and a more natural denouement. Characterizations are a little flat but the suspense is well delivered. The invented Nephilim history was spotty at best but it is still one that I would recommend to fantasy-lovers, especially since fallen angel stories are rare.

Sequels: Crescendo, Silence, Finale


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