The Road by Cormac McCarthy

2 star

Survival, Family, Post-Apocalypse, Journeys, Death

A man and his son are travelling south in a post-apocalyptic world: battling the elements, scrounging for food, and avoiding at all costs the “bad guys” who might just kill or eat them. It is never explained what happened to the world, why everyone died, why everyone has suddenly become a cannibal, or why it has been several years since this time of scarcity began and the man and his son are only now trying to escape the cold. This lack of history makes this story have so much less of an impact—you don’t know how to feel about the actions the characters take because you never understand their motivations or past. The style is interesting; it varies frequently between cold assessments of scenes and the abstract thoughts of the man. It is interesting and a quick read but it didn’t make me think as much as I wanted and expected it to.

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