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Tempest Unleashed by Tracy Deebs

5 star

Mermaids, War, Relationships, Love, Family, Regret, Choice

Tempest has been living as a mermaid for eight months when her brother falls into a coma—she rushes to be with him, but her decision may mean the end of her relationship with Kona and the destruction of her clan. Tempest remains spunky and stubborn and Mark and Kona are both still in love with her, leading to relationship drama above and beyond the waves (forgive the pun) Tempest is making to the world around her. With more of the same gut-wrenching action and emotion as the first book delivered, Tempest Unleashed sheds new light on a lot of characters and history and life in the ocean.

(Prequel: Tempest Rising)

Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs

5 star

Mermaids, High School, Relationships, Love, Family, Surfing, Regret, Choice

Tempest is nearing seventeen—the age when she must choose whether to be a mermaid or stay on land—but as if that decision isn’t bad enough, she must come face to face with problems of the heart and an evil she barely knew existed. Fast-paced and compelling, Tempest Rising iscompletely impossible to put down. The feisty (and aptly named) Tempest is a believable and sympathetic character even as she struggles with growing gills; her love interests and family are well-rounded and easy to care for. The book is full of action and romance. The ending is perfect but I’m itching for the sequel!

(Sequel: Tempest Unleashed)