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Violet Eyes by Debbie Viguié

2 stars

Fairy Tales, Love, Competition

A retelling of the Princess and the Pea fairy tale where the princess falls in love with a prince, is not a delicate flower like princesses are expected to be, and winds up in a competition against other princesses to prove herself worthy of marrying the prince. A big problem I have with this is that the king and queen put the princesses through a series of tests that are meant to prove various strengths of character but tend to involve inflicting various kinds of physical pain on the fragile princesses. It seems really off for the rulers of a kingdom to request the most delicate and sensitive princesses in the land only to inflict physical pain upon them in weird tests to see if they will make decent queens. The king and queen are also completely fine with the fact that their son helped our main princess, Violet, cheat in a few of the tests and actually endorsed it since she cheated to get something she really wanted. Additionally, the love between Violet and the prince is not well developed and neither character has any particularly remarkable or memorable qualities.

(This is part of the “Once Upon A Time” series of lengthened and retold fairy tales written by several different authors)

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