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Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer

4 star

Criminal Mastermind, Boy Genius, Fairies, Time Travel, Illness, Family

Artemis’ mother is sick and he will do anything to help her get better, from blackmailing his best friend Holly Short to enlisting a young demon to help him travel through time. In the past, Artemis is forced to contend with his ruthless ten-year-old self to find the lemur that is the only creature on the planet who can save his dying mother. Full of Colfer’s special blend of humor, hijinks, and unexpected turns, The Time Paradox is an excellent addition to the Fowl series. Emotions will range from horror at the Extinctionist Society (who believes that all non-useful creatures should be killed) to bittersweet joy at Holly’s conversation with the late Commander Julius Root to delight at the scheming of both young and old Artemis’.

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